How to Clean Your Braces at Home in Marlborough
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Essential Tools For Cleaning Braces At Home

Getting braces can be both exciting and daunting. You are beginning the journey to a straighter, healthier smile! With all of the adjustments, however, it is easy to let your dental hygiene slip. Your orthodontists in Marlborough, Newton, and Northborough are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain a smile that you can be proud of when the braces come off.

Home and Travel Toothbrush

Of course, brushing with a quality toothbrush and toothpaste continues to be a crucial element in your dental hygiene routine. In fact, while wearing braces, you should brush after every meal in order to avoid stuck food to remain in your braces and teeth. Bringing a travel toothbrush with you when you go out will allow you to keep your braces food-free.

Water Irrigators

The many pieces of braces make it difficult to clean those spaces between your teeth (interdental spaces) like you used to. Water irrigators, such as a Waterpik, shoot water at a high speed into the mouth, to remove food and bacteria that may be stuck in the interdental spaces.

Interdental Brush

An interdental brush is a small, soft-bristled brush shaped like a pine tree. The bristles of the brush fit between the wires to clean the hard-to reach areas under the equipment and remove stuck food. These brushes come in different sizes, but are typically small, making them convenient for cleaning on the go.


A fluoride mouthwash can be an especially helpful tool while wearing braces. Rinsing daily will help you prevent cavities by fighting bacteria and removing food that may be stuck between the teeth. Additionally, the mouthwash can help you keep your breath smelling fresh.

Floss Threader

Flossing is still an important part of your oral hygiene, even though the braces make it more difficult. Because the wires block access to the floss, you will need a floss threader to pull the floss under the wires and get between the teeth.

Visit Your Marlborough and Newton Braces Specialists

Keeping your braces and teeth clean is pivotal to successful treatment. When you finally remove your braces, you can feel confident that you have a smile that will take you places, rather than hold you back. If you have more questions about braces or other orthodontic treatment option, please contact one of our orthodontists in Marlborough, Newton, or Northborough. We can’t wait to see you smile!

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