The Difference Between Clear Braces & Invisalign
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What’s the Difference Between Invisalign and Clear Braces?

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When it comes to choosing the best orthodontic treatment for you, it’s important to take many factors into consideration — one of those factors is often aesthetics. It’s becoming more and more popular an option for patients considering orthodontic treatment to seek a more discreet option than the traditional braces of the past. That’s why the doctors and staff at Carvalho & Roth Orthodontics proudly offer two great, subtle orthodontic treatment plans for our patients — Invisalign and clear braces! But before you decide which of these treatment options may be right for you, it’s important to understand the differences between each one.

Clear Braces

Clear braces, while similar to their traditional metal counterparts, offer what many consider to be a better aesthetic appeal. Clear braces function in the same way as metal braces in that they make use of an archwire that runs through brackets which are affixed to teeth. However, with clear braces, the brackets are made of a translucent material that, once affixed to the teeth, blend right in with your natural tooth color, making them nearly invisible.

While clear braces certainly have their benefits, there are also a few factors to take into consideration. While the bracket material itself will not stain, the clear rubber bands wrapped around each bracket are prone to staining, so in order to keep discoloration to a minimum, it will be important to not only maintain an excellent brushing and oral care routine, but to also limit food and drink that easily stain (such as soda, coffee, tea, and tomato-based products).

Because the material differs slightly, the brackets of clear braces also aren’t quite as sturdy as their metal counterparts, and may be more prone to breakage That is why avoiding extremely hard, crunchy, or sticky foods will be of even greater importance while undergoing treatment with clear braces. However, since it’s best to avoid these types of foods during regular braces treatments, the benefit of such inconspicuous orthodontic treatment usually outweigh the drawbacks.


Invisalign is a much different treatment option than traditional or even clear braces. Instead of relying on brackets and archwires to move teeth into position, Invisalign utilizes a system of clear, plastic aligner trays to gradually move teeth into position. Each Invisalign tray is worn for two weeks for roughly 22 hours per day before moving onto the next tray.

Invisalign treatment is continually growing in popularity amongst orthodontic patients for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the aligner trays are designed to be nearly invisible, with no brackets or wires to be noticed. Invisalign aligners are also much more comfortable than traditional or clear braces since they are made of smooth plastic, meaning they are much less likely to irritate patients’ mouths.

Because the trays are removable, they offer a high level of convenience for patients who aren’t quite ready to give up their favorite foods. It also makes oral hygiene routines much simpler, since there are no wires or brackets for food to become stuck around. In fact, daily routines have to change very little while undergoing Invisalign treatment — the most important part is simply ensuring the aligner trays are being worn the proper amount of time daily.

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