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Treatment Types

At Carvalho & Roth Orthodontics in Marlborough, Northborough, and Newton Centre, we have an orthodontic treatment for every patient and every price point. If you want to finally have a beautiful, straight smile, we’ve got the treatment for you. Our experienced orthodontists and staff will address each patient’s needs and discuss all of the possible treatments. No matter what you or your child’s age, our team will confidently provide the most appropriate treatment plan for you!

Early Treatment

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that a child visit the orthodontist for early treatment at the age seven. Early treatment can prevent serious problems from developing and may make treatment at a later age more complicated. Our orthodontist will be looking for crowding of teeth, openbites, crossbites, and overbites. By then, we will be able to tell when and if your child will need braces.

Phase 2 & Adolescent Treatment

A child’s pre-teen and teen years are the perfect time for orthodontic treatment. We want to ensure that their jaws and teeth are developing correctly and function correctly for biting, chewing, and speaking.

At Carvalho & Roth Orthodontics, we offer traditional metal braces, clear braces, Invisalign Teen, lingual braces, and other orthodontic appliances to our adolescent patients.

Each patient’s treatment process and the orthodontic appliance will be used differently based on their specific needs. Together, we will provide your teen with a straight, functional smile for life.

Adult Braces

Braces aren’t’ just for children and teens. In reality, adults are the biggest group of orthodontic patients. Now more than ever, adults have many options with what orthodontic appliance they want to use. At Carvalho & Roth Orthodontics we offer Invisalign clear aligners, lingual braces, and traditional metal braces. Our orthodontists and staff want to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of, and it’s not too late to achieve it! Let’s find the best adult treatment plan for you.

Types of Braces

At your neighborhood orthodontist in Marlborough, Northborough, and Newton Centre, we offer an array of orthodontic treatment plans and types of braces when it comes to straightening teeth. Our orthodontists can provide an array of orthodontic appliances. We offer:

  • Invisalign (clear aligners)
  • Clear braces
  • Metal braces
  • Lingual braces

Please see our detailed list of what types of braces are offered here at Carvalho & Roth Orthodontics. With all these options, now is the best time to get braces that fits your lifestyle!


After taking your braces, it’s important to keep your teeth straight that should last a lifetime. Dr. Roth and Dr. Carvalho use retainers to keep your teeth in their new stable positions and hold them in place. You will be provided with a retainer to wear for 12-24 months after your orthodontic treatment has ended. Your orthodontist will guide you on how and when you should wear them.

Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is corrective jaw surgery that treats and corrects abnormalities of the facial bones, specifically the jaws and the teeth. This surgery may be an option if you have jaw problems that can’t be resolved with orthodontics alone. Our orthodontists want to ensure that these abnormalities are corrected because if left untreated, they can cause difficulty chewing, talking, and sleeping. Dr. Carvalho and Dr. Roth are experts who use the latest digital imaging technology, computerized treatment plan, and state of the art materials to correct your teeth and jaw and ultimately increase the overall appearance of your facial profile.


Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment plan that consists of clear, removable aligners that fit directly onto the teeth. Every two weeks the aligners are changed to slowly, but surely, shift your teeth into their desired positions. Invisalign is perfect for adults who want unnoticeable braces and that fit their lifestyle better than regular braces. They are clear and are worn directly on your teeth, can be taken out to eat or drink, and require the same oral hygiene routine as you usually do.

Invisialign Teen

Invisalign teen offers all of the exact same benefits as stated above, but they are provided for teenagers instead of adults. In the past, teens were limited to more traditional versions of orthodontic treatment. However, now more parents are choosing to move away from these options to give their teens a more inconspicuous treatment option. Invisalign Teen will still offer your child a straight, functional smile once the orthodontic treatment process is over, but they will not need the metal brackets and wires during treatment. If you or your teen have questions about Invisalign Teen, discuss the procedure and treatment with Dr. Roth or Dr. Carvalho during your consultation appointment.

Cost of Invisalign

Due to Invisalign’s discrete nature and effective orthodontic treatment, a price is associated with these benefits. The cost of Invisalign is slightly more expensive than traditional braces in most cases, but that does not mean it is out of reach. Each patient is different, and it’s important to discuss the full orthodontic treatment plan with Dr. Roth or Dr. Carvalho, including price. There are many different financial options including insurance plans, flexible spending accounts, and payment plans to reach your desired price point. We want to work with you and your family to provide the perfect orthodontic treatment, at the best price.

Clear Braces

Another alternative to traditional metal braces are clear, translucent braces. Clear braces, or also known as ceramic braces, are braces that have a translucent material instead of stainless steel ones. This material will blend in perfectly with your teeth, giving a much more discreet orthodontic treatment. Our orthodontists recommend this option for teens and adults who want their braces to be a little less noticeable. With clear braces, we can achieve the brilliantly, straight smile you’ve wanted.


AcceleDent is an exciting orthodontic device that helps to speed up the movement of your teeth. AcceleDent has been shown to speed up treatment time by 50%. This treatment type is recommended for someone who wants a more rapid approach to their orthodontic treatment. It can be used to complement any orthodontic treatment. It works by using proprietary technology to generate micropulses: tiny, gentle vibrations in the teeth and gums.

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At Carvalho & Roth Orthodontics in Marlborough, Northborough, and Newton Centre, we offer an orthodontic treatment plan for every age group and desired result. Together, with our staff, we are confident that we can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted for yourself or your family member. For further questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email one of our offices. Our orthodontist and staff will be eager to answer your questions and set up your first consultation. Call or visit one of our three locations today! A beautiful, straight smile is available in no time!

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