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At Carvalho & Roth Orthodontics, when our patients experience orthodontic emergencies, our Orthodontists want them to understand precisely how to respond to the situation. This helpful guide will help you decide when you need to access emergency orthodontic services from your orthodontist in Northboro, as well as a few situations that show you it’s time to get in for an appointment, even if it isn’t an emergency.

What Is an Orthodontic Emergency?

There are a few non-emergency mishaps require patients to come in sooner than expected, but true dental and orthodontic emergencies are rare. You should only need to seek treatment immediately in a few limited situations like these:

  • Trauma that includes injury to the mouth or face
  • Unmanageable oral pain, whether you know the cause or not
  • Infections or swelling in the mouth, including the gums, or elsewhere in the face

Unless you’re experiencing one of the three situations above, the problem might be one that requires attention soon, but it is not an emergency, and you can probably schedule a regular appointment to take care of it. Situations that fit these criteria include:

  • Loose brackets
  • Minor discomfort
  • Minor tooth loosening
  • Misplaced or poking archwires

In these cases, there might be minor adjustments to be made, but they aren’t producing a situation that requires immediate diagnosis and intervention.

What to do About Orthodontic Emergencies

In an actual emergency, you need to contact your dentist or orthodontist right away. If the event you’re involved in hurts you in any way where you require medical attention, always attend to these issues first.

Making an Appointment for Non-Urgent Issues

If you are experiencing minor problems with your braces, contact your source for Northboro Invisalign treatments and make an appointment with our staff. We’re here to help you get seen when you need someone to check out your clear braces in Northboro, Newton Centre, & Marlborough and make sure everything is ok.

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