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Caring for Your Retainer

For the most part, caring for braces is pretty simple. Yes, you have to brush more frequently, and yes, flossing takes more time than usual, but it’s all essentially the same process as your normal oral hygiene routine – just with a little added metalwork. Once you get your braces off, though, you’ll enter the retention phase, and it’s just as important that you clean your retainer as diligently as you did your braces.

Brush & Soak

Truth be told, cleaning your retainer isn’t all that different from cleaning your teeth. The most important thing is to brush it every time you take it out or put it back in. You’ll do this similarly to how you brush teeth – take a toothbrush with a small amount of toothpaste, then thoroughly brush every surface of the retainer to remove plaque, saliva, and debris. Once you’re done brushing, rinse it off and either put it in its case or return it to your mouth.

You’ll also need to soak your retainer regularly. To do this, fill a glass with tap water and drop a denture cleaning tablet in along with your retainer. Let this mixture sit for the time recommended on the denture cleaning box, then dump it out – being careful not to dump your appliance – rinse off the appliance, and put it away. By carefully following this routine, you’ll prevent bacteria from building up on the appliance. This will help keep your teeth safe from decay and cavities – and it’ll also keep your retainer from developing an unpleasant smell!

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