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What To Do If You Break or Lose Your Retainer

Chances are that if you’re reading this either you or your child has lost or is in possession of a broken retainer. You and your child, if applicable, may be feeling concerned and possibly a little frustrated that you’re in this situation, but don’t worry! Even though retainers are a vital component to maintaining the position of your teeth after completing orthodontic treatment another one can be made.

How Long Can I Go Without Wearing My Retainer?

We here at Carvalho & Roth Orthodontics believe that consistency is the most important aspect when it comes to wearing your retainer. The only way to guarantee that your hard work, investment, and time working towards your new, beautiful smile lasts a lifetime is to wear your retainer every night before bed. Because consistency is so vital for your new smile to last, if you think you’ve lost your retainer or it’s been damaged or broken be sure to let us know immediately.

If you’ve gone 1-3 nights without wearing your retainer you may begin to notice that your teeth or bite may begin to shift back or relapse. Here are a few indicators that your teeth have begun shifting out of alignment:

  • Your retainer won’t fit easily over your teeth anymore
  • Your retainer feels uncomfortably tight, like you just got your braces adjusted or started a new aligner

It’s common for people to misplace their retainer and then find it days or weeks later then try to put it in and realize it won’t sit correctly (or at all) over their teeth. If this happens be sure to call your orthodontist to have a new one made so further teeth shifting can be halted.

What to Expect If You Need a Replacement Retainer

If you’ve found yourself with a retainer that just can’t be found or one that’s broken be sure to give our office a call so we can schedule you for a retainer replacement appointment.

Your replacement retainer appointment takes 10-30 minutes. New molds of your teeth will be taken to ensure your new retainer fits as your teeth have most likely shifted. We’ll make your new retainer in house and you can pick it up the same day.

Carvalho & Roth Orthodontics Is Here to Help!

Whether you’re needing a replacement retainer or are looking for an orthodontist in Newton Centre, Marlborough, or Northborough, MA we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams through traditional braces or Invisalign. Whatever your needs are, contact us today, request an appointment, or set up your first visit appointment. We look forward to helping you create a beautiful and lasting smile!

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