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Braces Friendly Halloween Recipes

At Carvalho & Roth, we love a little bit of Halloween fun. It’s a joy to watch the excitement on our patients’ faces as they dress up as their favorite ghouls and ghosts, and we think it’s wonderful that the community can come together for such a fun celebration every year. But there’s one thing about Halloween that truly does scare us – the candy! The hard, sticky, and sugary candies that are so common around this time of year pose a serious threat to braces and teeth, so for this blog, we’re going to detail a couple of braces-friendly treats that you can make to celebrate Halloween this year.

Ghost Fruit

This one is easy, delicious, and looks great on a serving tray! All you need is your favorite small fruit, some white and dark chocolate for melting, wax paper, and a toothpick. Melt the chocolate and dip the fruit in, then set it on the wax paper to cool – but use the toothpick to draw the end of the chocolate out, forming a little “ghost tail” on the fruit. Once cooled, use a toothpick to dab eyes and a mouth using the melted chocolate of the opposite color.

Donut Monsters

This is truly a no-effort treat – all you need are donuts, plastic fangs, and perhaps some small candies to use as eyes (M&Ms would work great). It couldn’t be easier: set your fangs in the hole of the donut, place the eyes above them, and viola! A quick, easy, Halloween-themed treat that won’t wreck braces.

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