Smile Direct Club is Out of Business: What About Its Patients?
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A Close Look at Invisalign and Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club is out of business

If you’ve been looking at correcting the alignment of your teeth for better appearance, oral health, and jaw pain relief, you’ve probably encountered clear aligners from leading brands like Invisalign and Smile Direct Club. More so, you may have even started orthodontic treatment with Smile Direct Club and are currently facing troubles due to its recent closure. Smile Direct Club is out of business, and here’s why.

Invisalign vs. Smile Direct Club

To better understand the situation behind Smile Direct Club, you first need to learn how it compares to Invisalign. While Invisalign is a more widely known brand, Smile Direct Club brought significant benefits that many patients loved.


Smile Direct Club is out of business

Invisalign is a tried-and-tested orthodontic treatment that utilizes a series of clear, custom-made aligners to gradually shift your teeth into the desired position. One of the key advantages of Invisalign is the precision and customization it offers. Each aligner is tailored specifically to your teeth and is designed to apply the right amount of force to achieve optimal results.

Additionally, experienced orthodontists oversee your Invisalign treatment and keep tabs on it at every stage. This professional supervision ensures that your treatment plan is on track and allows for adjustments to be made as needed, ensuring the best possible outcome for your smile.

Smile Direct Club

On the other hand, Smile Direct Club offers a direct-to-consumer model that promises convenience and affordability. With Smile Direct Club, you can skip the in-person visits to the orthodontist and instead receive your treatment plan remotely, along with a series of aligners delivered straight to your door.

While this may sound appealing for its convenience, it’s important to note that Smile Direct Club lacks the professional oversight that Invisalign provides. Without regular check-ins with an orthodontist, there is a risk of complications going unnoticed and treatment progressing incorrectly.

Key Differences

  1. Professional Supervision:  Qualified orthodontists administer and oversee Invisalign treatments. This ensures that your progress is monitored and adjustments can be made as needed. Smile Direct Club, on the other hand, relies on remote supervision, which may not offer the same level of oversight.
  2. Customization: Invisalign aligners are custom-made to fit your teeth precisely, maximizing comfort and effectiveness. Smile Direct Club aligners are also custom-made but lack the in-person assessments that Invisalign provides, potentially leading to less accurate results.
  3. Complex Cases: Invisalign is capable of addressing a wide range of orthodontic issues, including more complex cases that may require additional attention. Smile Direct Club is better for minor alignment issues and may not be suitable for more complicated cases.

Smile Direct Club is Out of Business: What Happened? 

Smile Direct Club is out of business as of December 2023. What happened to this remote aligner treatment company?

Issues Leading to the Closure

Despite its initial success, Smile Direct Club faced mounting scrutiny and legal challenges. Critics raised concerns about the lack of professional oversight, as treatment plans were devised remotely without in-person consultations with orthodontists. Additionally, regulatory hurdles posed obstacles to the company’s operations in certain jurisdictions.

Smile Direct Club’s Bankruptcy

In December 2023, Smile Direct Club filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, with a staggering debt nearing $900 million, according to Bloomberg. This move sent shockwaves through its customer base, leaving many questioning the future of their treatment plans. What does this mean for the patients?

  • Customers no longer have access to the company’s “Lifetime Smile Guarantee,” which it said “effective immediately… no longer exists,” and will have to continue making monthly payments for their aligners if they are on a payment plan.
  • The company also announced that all aligner orders that have not yet shipped have been canceled. This further exacerbates the uncertainty surrounding ongoing treatment.

In light of these developments, it’s more crucial than ever for individuals affected by Smile Direct Club’s bankruptcy to seek reliable alternatives for their orthodontic needs.

Transitioning to Invisalign with Carvalho and Roth Orthodontics

Have you recently started treatment with Smile Direct Club and don’t know how to continue? At Carvalho and Roth Orthodontics in Massachusetts, we understand that this is a challenging time for you. We want you to know that we are here to welcome you and help you get the smile you deserve with a more trusted clear aligner brand—Invisalign Newton MA.

We are a Diamond Plus Invisalign Providers

Dr. Roberto S. Carvalho and Dr. Menachem D. Roth are experts in Invisalign treatment. Our Diamond Plus ranking is a testament to the number of successful treatments we have handled from beginning to end. From the initial consultation to the final results, you can trust that you’re in capable hands every step of the way.

Seamless transition for former Smile Direct Club patients

Smile Direct Club is out of business

  1. Evaluation of current progress: The first step in transitioning to Invisalign with Carvalho and Roth Orthodontics is a comprehensive evaluation of your current progress. Our team will carefully assess your dental health and review any existing treatment records to determine the best course of action moving forward.
  2. Tailored treatment plans with Invisalign: Once we have a clear understanding of your orthodontic needs, we’ll work closely with you to create a customized Invisalign treatment plan. Whether you’re starting from scratch or picking up where Smile Direct Club left off, we’ll ensure that your treatment is tailored to achieve optimal results.
  3. Committed Orthodontist Support: In contrast to Smile Direct Club’s remote model, Carvalho, and Roth Orthodontics provide individualized care with the assistance of committed orthodontists at every turn. From answering questions to making adjustments as needed, our team ensures that your Invisalign journey is a smooth and successful one.

Benefits of Invisalign Compared to Metal Braces

  • Removability: With Invisalign, you’ll enjoy the freedom to remove your aligners whenever you please. Whether it’s mealtime or a special occasion, simply pop them out and carry on with your day.
  • Comfort: Since there are no pesky wires to contend with, you’ll spend less time in the orthodontist’s chair and more time doing what you love. Invisalign aligners are custom-made to fit your teeth snugly, minimizing discomfort and irritation.
  • Advanced Technology: Years of research and innovation have supported Invisalign. With advances in technology, Invisalign can tackle even the most complex cases, giving you the smile of your dreams in less time than you might think.

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