Which question can we ask Orthodontist Before Getting Invisalign?
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Questions to Ask Your Orthodontist Before Getting Invisalign

Invisalign in Newton, MA

If you want straight teeth, Invisalign might be the right option for you. First, you need to schedule a consultation for Invisalign in Newton, MA. Bring this list of questions with you, so you can find out if this is the treatment you want. These questions will also help you determine if you’ve selected the right orthodontist for your needs.

How Much Experience Do You Have With Invisalign?

Invisalign uses a classification system based on experience. Bronze is the first classification given to orthodontists who start providing the treatment. While everyone has to start at the bottom, it’s better to go with an orthodontist with experience. Then, you can benefit from the numerous cases the provider has under his or her belt.

If you want an orthodontist with the most experience possible, choose one with VIP: Diamond Plus status. This is the highest tier and reserved for providers who use Invisalign to treat at least 400 patients a year.

Reaching VIP: Diamond Plus status is a rare accomplishment, with only 1 percent of orthodontists achieving it. Fortunately, you can get Invisalign in Newton, MA, from a VIP provider.

Will Invisalign in Newton, MA, Fix My Alignment Issue?

Before you start dreaming about straight teeth, you need to find out if Invisalign will treat your issue. Fortunately, an experienced orthodontist can treat complex problems with Invisalign. That’s another reason to go to a VIP: Diamond: Plus Invisalign orthodontist.

What Technology Do You Use for Invisalign Patients?

Some orthodontists still use putty to take impressions for Invisalign. Your first thought is probably how gross and uncomfortable that is, and that’s a good point. Most people don’t like getting putty impressions. What you might not realize is that these impressions also leave something to be desired regarding accuracy.

Fortunately, you can get Invisalign in Newton, Massachusetts, from an orthodontist who uses the iTero 3D digital teeth scanning system. The digital system takes 6,000 images per second and is much more accurate than putty impressions. With the help of this technology, your provider can create a customized treatment plan that will move your teeth into the desired position.

There’s another benefit when you go with a provider that offers this technology. He or she can use it to map out what your smile will look like after you finish treatment. Then, you’ll have an extra bit of motivation as you go through the treatment.

How Much Will I Pay for My Invisalign Treatment?

You can find out how much it will cost during your consultation for Invisalign in Newton, MA. Additionally, your provider can answer questions about your insurance policy and payment plans. You might even be able to save money if you get the treatment at the same time as your other family members. By discussing the cost of Invisalign now, you can plan for the future.

How Long Will It Take to Get a Straight Smile?

You’re ready for a straight smile, so it makes sense to ask about the treatment duration. Some people only need to wear the aligners for six months, although you could need them for 18 months or possibly longer. After reviewing your customized treatment plan, your orthodontist can explain how long it will take. The orthodontist can even tell you why your treatment will last for the timeframe.

Do You Offer Remote Dental Monitoring for Patients?

Most orthodontists make you come to the office every four to eight weeks. Fortunately, you can spend less time in the office by choosing an orthodontist who offers remote dental monitoring. Then, instead of going into the office, you’ll send pictures of your teeth each week. Your provider will review them virtually to make sure you’re on schedule.

This makes it so much easier to stay on top of your treatment. Instead of getting feedback every month or two, your orthodontist will track you weekly. At the same time, you’ll save tons of time. Not all orthodontists do this, though, so make sure you inquire during your consultation.

How Much Does the Initial Consultation Cost?

You don’t want to pay a hefty sum of money to see if you’re a candidate for Invisalign in Newton, Massachusetts. You can avoid this problem by asking about the cost of the consultation upfront. Then, you can find a provider that offers free consultations. That way, you won’t spend a dime until you start treatment.

Do You Treat Teens and Adults With Invisalign?

Some orthodontists treat teens, while others only treat adults. On the other hand, you can find a provider that specializes in both. Right now, you might only need teen or adult treatment. However, your needs could change in the future. If you find an orthodontist who treats all ages, you won’t have to look for another provider down the road.

Can I See Before and After Photos of Previous Patients?

You want to make sure you’ll be pleased with the results, so ask to see before and after photos. Then you’ll know if the orthodontist will provide the outcome you want.

You can also check patient testimonials and reviews to get an even better idea about the provider. After looking through the photos and reading the reviews, you’ll know if the orthodontist is a good fit.

Do You Use Authentic Invisalign Aligners?

While uncommon, some orthodontists use knock-off brands when treating patients. Knock-off aligners don’t always get the desired results, so make sure you’re getting Invisalign. If not, you should go to a different orthodontist so you can get the desired results.

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Dr. Roberto Carvalho and Dr. Menachem Roth of Carvalho & Roth Orthodontics are both VIP: Diamond Plus Invisalign providers. Additionally, our orthodontic practice provides remote dental monitoring and offers payment plans. You can even get a multi-patient discount if you’re undergoing treatment with another family member. Our providers treat teens and adults, and we offer free consultations. Call (508) 485-8788 to schedule your free Invisalign consultation today.

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