Early Orthodontics: 3 Signs is Necessary for Your Child
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Early Orthodontics: 3 Early Signs Your Child Needs Treatment

Early Orthodontics

Dental care is necessary for children starting early in life. Aside from this, it’s also essential to bring your child to an orthodontic in Newton Centre for an assessment at age seven. While they may not automatically need treatment, there are specific signs that tell if early orthodontics will be necessary.

What is Early Orthodontics?

Early orthodontic treatment is the early diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities that can help reduce the time required for traditional braces later in life. It’s also called interceptive orthodontics because early detection and correction of issues with tooth development or jaw alignment can intercept further problems from occurring.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, kids aged seven are at the perfect age for early orthodontic treatment. This is the age when a child’s teeth have grown, and their jaw structure is developed enough for an orthodontist to determine what early treatment may be necessary.

But regardless if they’ve missed this age, seeing an orthodontist early can still be beneficial. It’s especially necessary if some of the signs of early orthodontic treatment are present.

3 Signs Early Orthodontics is Necessary for Your Child

#1 – Teeth Crowding

Teeth crowding is when the teeth get pushed together, leaving no room for all of them to fit in the jaw. If early signs of overcrowding or overly crowded teeth are present, early orthodontic treatment may be necessary. This is caused by early loss of baby teeth, delayed eruption of adult teeth, or extra teeth.

Early orthodontics for teeth crowding may involve early extraction of baby teeth or expansion of the jawbone to make room for adult teeth. They may also need to wear early intervention appliances like braces, plastic aligners, space maintainers, or palatal expanders to help guide the adult teeth as they come in.

#2 – Incorrect Bite

Early Orthodontics

An incorrect bite is when the upper and lower teeth don’t align correctly, also known as malocclusion. Bite problems are usually just the irregular growth of the jaws or teeth. However, early loss of baby teeth, the eruption of adult teeth at an improper angle, extra teeth, thumb sucking, pacifier use, and early childhood habits can also contribute to it.

Orthodontic treatment for an incorrect bite may involve early extractions to help the teeth fit better in the jaw. Early braces may also be used to reposition and guide the adult teeth as they come in.

#3 – Pain When Chewing, Biting, or Speaking

Not all misalignment issues are visible. Children may experience pain when chewing, biting, or speaking if there is an underlying orthodontic issue. Early intervention in orthodontics can help position the teeth and jawbone in the proper place, thus alleviating the pain.

If you’re unsure, you need to consult an orthodontist to get an X-ray and a thorough examination of your child’s teeth and jaw. Early orthodontic treatment can help avoid more complicated issues later in life. The earlier you spot any early signs of orthodontic treatment, the better.

Benefits of Early Orthodontics

Most people only deal with orthodontic issues when they are older. But early orthodontics can be a great way to avoid serious problems later in life. It can help fix serious issues early on, saving time and money. It also ensures that your child’s teeth are in the best position possible, resulting in a perfect smile and healthy teeth.

Early orthodontic treatment can also boost your child’s self-confidence and make them feel more at ease with their appearance. Lastly, early orthodontics can also lead to better oral hygiene habits in the future.

Straight teeth can aid a child’s digestion, speech, and overall health. If early signs of orthodontic treatment are spotted early on, early intervention can help your child’s teeth look their best, boost their self-confidence, and intercept further problems from occurring.

Schedule an Orthodontic Appointment for Your Child in Massachusetts

Early Orthodontics

If you suspect your child is showing early signs of needing orthodontic treatment and you live in Massachusetts, you can avail of our services in any of our three offices. We are located in Marlborough (126 Union St.), Northborough (10010F2 Shops Way), and Newton Centre (4 Lyman St.).

Carvalho & Roth Orthodontics is a trusted name in early orthodontic treatment, and we can provide you with the best possible care for your child. We offer a wide variety of treatment options ranging from traditional, time-proven appliances to the latest innovative orthodontic advancements.

Some of the services and treatments that we provide in our offices include metal braces, clear braces, AcceleDent, Invisalign®, Invisalign Teen®, and orthognathic surgery. We are committed to providing the highest quality early orthodontic treatment for your child.

When you book a consultation, we will perform a comprehensive examination and create a personalized treatment plan for your child. Our doctors and team always make sure to create a warm and welcoming environment so your child can feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire treatment process.

Schedule an early orthodontic appointment today and start your child on the path to a healthier and more beautiful smile. Contact us or visit our website to learn more about early orthodontic treatment and how we can help your child.

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