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How to Choose an Orthodontist in Newton MA

Orthodontist Newton MA

When choosing an orthodontist in Newton, MA it is good to start with an idea of what an orthodontist does. From there you can develop a list of preferences. Once you have conducted your research, your list will be manageable. From that point, it will be a matter of exploring in-depth to find the best orthodontist for you and your family.

The Difference Between a Dentist and an Orthodontist

An orthodontist is a dentist, but a dentist is not an orthodontist.

Both are trained in general dentistry. They both have the same initials following their names to identify them as doctors in the dental sciences. The initials stand for:

  • DDS — Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • DMD — Doctor of Dental Medicine

After receiving certification as a dentist, an orthodontist continues through another 2 to 3 years of residency in the specialty area of orthodontics. After a residency in orthodontics, they are certified in that specialty field. Many continue training to obtain certification with Invisalign and other orthodontic systems to enhance their abilities.

The focus of a dentist is on the teeth themselves. Under the orthodontic mantle, the focus shifts to the structure, shape, and positioning of the jaws and how the teeth fill the available space in the mouth.

Although the letters following an orthodontist’s name are the same as a dentist, the one sure way to find an orthodontist is to check for membership in the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). The AAO limits their membership to orthodontists who have successfully completed an accredited orthodontic residency program.

Defining Your Needs

When looking for an orthodontist, or really any type of doctor, you should define your needs. By this we mean to determine what you expect from the doctor. Some of the questions to ask yourself to help define your needs might be:

  • Are you looking for a family practice?
  • Is the orthodontist recommended by family, friends, or your family dentist?
  • Where is the office? Is it a convenient location?
  • Are the office hours varied enough to fit your schedule?
  • What type of treatment are you looking for (braces, Invisalign, clear braces)?

While our list is very basic, it should be enough to get you on the way. Once you define your expectations and needs, you can narrow the list of potential providers to the doctors that fit your parameters.

Creating a List of Requirements

Now it is time to make a list of absolute requirements. This part of your research will focus on the orthodontic practice and doctor, rather than on you. Your list may look something like:

  • Is the doctor board certified?
  • Are they accepting new patients?
  • Do they have a website with patient testimonials? Are they favorable?
  • Is there a free or reduced-price consultation for new patients?
  • Do they offer more than one treatment option?
  • What insurance plans do they accept?
  • Are there payment plans available?
  • How much of a down payment will be expected?
  • Does the office comply with local ordinances regarding COVID-19 safety protocols?

Again, your actual list may have many more questions on it. Our goal was to give you an idea of things to look for and check on when choosing an orthodontist.

That Free Consultation Isn’t a Sales Gimmick

Many orthodontists offer a free or greatly-reduced initial consultation for new patients. This isn’t a sales gimmick. Doctors understand that in order to be successful with orthodontic treatment a patient should feel comfortable. By offering this initial consultation, you can meet the doctor and staff and visit the office. If you are not comfortable there, you should find a different doctor.

During the initial consultation, you will have an opportunity to ask questions, discuss recommendations for treatment, discuss your insurance coverage, and the cost of receiving treatment.

Don’t Be Afraid to Email or Make a Phone Call

The internet can be a wonderful research tool. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the same degree of internet know-how. Sending an email with a list of questions is a simple way to have your questions answered. Most offices will respond to emails within 24 to 48 hours during normal business hours.

If you don’t have access to the internet, don’t be afraid to call an office. Although staff can be busy, there is normally someone that can take the time to answer your questions.

Although most offices have a receptionist or office manager, smaller offices may use designated staff to take turns on the desk. Whatever the case is, they generally welcome calls and can help you sort through what you want to know.

Your Satisfaction Does Matter

The bottom line when choosing an orthodontist is that you should be happy with your choice. The office should make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Staff should be friendly, professional, and treat patients with respect. If you suffer anxiety, which is fairly common, staff should work with you to help ease the nervousness.

We mentioned earlier that a patient’s comfort has a direct bearing on the success of a treatment plan. Maintaining a positive attitude will help your treatment. You will naturally be more susceptible to the changes in diet, eating habits, and oral hygiene necessary for successful orthodontic treatment.

When it comes to satisfaction, Carvalho & Roth is a top provider. As your orthodontist in Newton, MA, they will treat you with respect and compassion while meeting orthodontic care needs for your entire family.

Carvalho & Roth — Your Orthodontist in Newton, MA

If you are searching for an orthodontist in Newton, MA, check out Carvalho & Roth Orthodontics. As a family practice, they are experienced in patient care for any age from young children through senior citizens. It is never too late to transform your smile. We look forward to meeting you!

Whether you are seeking care for yourself or a child, Carvalho & Roth wants to be your orthodontist in Newtown, MA. You may use the online Appointment Request to schedule your first appointment. We have three office locations and serve the entire area in and around Newton.

Also, please check out our Orthodontic Blog and visit our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.

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