Covid-19 Protocols | Carvalho and Roth Orthodontics
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Covid-19 Protocols

Nothing is more important to us than the SAFETY of our patient and staff. Here are just some of the ways we are working to maintain a healthy environment for all of us.

All staff undergo a daily health screening for COVID contacts and symptoms including temperature.

All patients undergo a COVID screening prior to their arrival at the office and a symptom and temperature check upon arrival.

Patients will be asked to wait for their appointment outside the office and be greeted at the door.

Electronic forms will be used as much as possible to avoid extra face to face time.

Masks are required throughout the office unless a patient is being actively worked on.

We have installed physical barriers at the reception area as well as between patient treatment areas where a physical wall was not already present.

Virtual visits are available for any appointment that does not require physical contact (expansion checks, recall visits, retainer checks, Invisalign progress checks to name just a few).

Surgically clean air filtration systems have been installed throughout every area of the office. Learn more about surgically clean air here!

Advanced extra-oral suction systems will be used as needed.

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