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Speed Up With AcceleDent Aura™

Once you’ve made the choice to transform your teeth into a beautiful, healthy smile, we know you are ready to have your braces or aligners OFF, the minute we put them on. For some patients, our orthodontic specialists at Carvalho & Roth are using a contemporary medical device called AcceleDent Aura™ to move your teeth into place faster. This medical device can be used at home to speed up your fixed braces or Invisalign aligners treatment when used for just 20 minutes each day. It is FDA approved and proven safe and effective in clinical trials, and for our Marlborough, Northborough, and Newton Centre patients. This complement to your treatment is clinically proven to lower your time in braces or aligners by as much as 50 percent.

How Does AcceleDent™ Aura Work?

The AcceleDent™ Aura System combines precisely-calibrated micropulses with the force of braces or Invisalign aligners to move teeth into their desired positions faster. The easy-to-use, hands-free treatment can be completed in the comfort of your own home every day. You insert and bite down on a mouthpiece that is fitted around your fixed braces or clear aligners. Then, you turn on the Activator, which uses SoftPulse Technology®, for 20 minutes. As you are biting down, you can let go of the device and perform other tasks while the treatment continues. After the 20 minutes, you’ll rinse and clean the mouthpiece for the next day’s use and be on to the next thing on your busy agenda. The vibrations of your jawbone allow the teeth to move into the position they are being pushed by the braces or aligners to reduce the overall treatment time and sometimes make the process more comfortable.

Not only has this accelerated bone remodeling with pulsating forces been proven effective on teeth, it was first discovered effective for increasing the speed of healing for fractured bones on other parts of the body. Even astronauts utilize a similar technology as they stand on vibration plates to keep their muscles from deteriorating during the long spans of time in space.

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AcceleDent™ Aura is the fast, safe, effective, gentle way to speed up your time in braces or Invisalign aligners. To find out more, contact our orthodontic specialists, Drs. Carvalho or Roth at the most convenient office number listed below and discuss the options for using this advanced system. Our expert staff is always researching and implementing the latest proven technologies that our patients need and want for their orthodontic treatments. Let us get you the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve – even faster! Call today!

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