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How Do You Know If You Need Braces?

April 29,2016

At Carvalho & Roth, we treat patients with all sorts of orthodontic conditions, both severe and mild. In some cases, however, it can be hard to tell when a small aesthetic issue crosses the line into needing orthodontic treatment. That line can be surprisingly thin, as well. A mild case of crowding may be nothing […]


Caring for Your Retainer

March 15,2016

For the most part, caring for braces is pretty simple. Yes, you have to brush more frequently, and yes, flossing takes more time than usual, but it’s all essentially the same process as your normal oral hygiene routine – just with a little added metalwork. Once you get your braces off, though, you’ll enter the¬†retention […]


Braces Friendly Halloween Recipes

October 15,2015

At Carvalho & Roth, we love a little bit of Halloween fun. It’s a joy to watch the excitement on our patients’ faces as they dress up as their favorite ghouls and ghosts, and we think it’s wonderful that the community can come together for such a fun celebration every year. But there’s one thing […]