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10 Truths About Invisalign

March 5,2018

At Carvalho & Roth Orthodontics, we’re proud to provide high-quality orthodontic treatments to patients throughout Marlborough, Newton Centre, Northborough, and the surrounding areas. Invisalign is one of our most popular treatments, and with good reason: it’s an extremely convenient, virtually invisible option for straightening your teeth. If you’re considering revitalizing your smile with Invisalign, we’re excited for you […]


Orthodontic Resolutions for 2018

January 1,2018

We at Carvalho & Roth Orthodontics wish you a Happy New Year! We understand that one of the most exciting things of a new year is getting to make resolutions to better yourself. Well, as your orthodontist and orthodontic team in Marlborough, Northborough, and Newton Centre, we’d like to suggest making a few orthodontic resolutions […]


Traveling With Invisalign

November 30,2017

Tips for Traveling with Invisalign Invisalign is a popular treatment thanks to the convenience it  affords patients – but to ensure your Invisalign treatment is a success, it’s still important to prepare and be diligent about caring for your teeth and Invisalign. This is doubly true when traveling. It’s much easier to accidentally set down and […]


Why Summer Is the Best Time to Start Orthodontics

July 19,2017

When you’re looking for a children’s orthodontist in or around Marlborough, Northborough, or Newton Centre, MA, we at Carvalho & Roth Orthodontics strive to do all we can to be your first choice. We’re incredibly proud of our highly-efficient orthodontic treatments, including braces and Invisalign, and how they’re certain to give a patient a straighter and healthier smile. […]


One Phase or Two?

March 23,2017

Here are Cravalho & Roth Orthodontics, we are proud to offer the latest advancements in braces technology at an affordable price. We have three convenient offices that are located in Marlborough, Northborough, and Newton Centre, MA, and are happy to work with the surrounding communities as well. In each of our visits, we treat our […]


Invisalign with Dr. Roth on Fox!

January 18,2017

At Carvalho & Roth, you can rest assured that when you come into one of our Marlborough, Northborough, or Newton Centre, MA offices, you’ll receive the finest in orthodontic treatments, from Invisalign to braces. Our doctors are respected experts in their field and up-to-date on all of the most modern technological advances. In fact, one of our well-renowned doctor’s, Dr. […]


Moms Love Us!

January 11,2017

At Carvalho & Roth Orthodontics, we’re proud to provide high-quality orthodontic treatment to patients and families throughout the Marlborough, Northborough, & Newton Centre, MA areas. We treat patients of all ages, ranging from children who want to set the stage for a lifetime of healthy smiling, to adults looking to rejuvenate their personal and professional […]


Healthy Braces-Friendly Lunches

October 18,2016

Welcome to our blog! Here at Carvalho & Roth Orthodontics, we are proud to be a leading orthodontic practice with a number of different locations in Marlborough, Northborough, and Newton Centre, Massachusetts. We understand how important it is to feel cared for and prioritized in your dental office, so it is our top priority to […]


Speed Up With AcceleDent Aura™

August 23,2016

Once you’ve made the choice to transform your teeth into a beautiful, healthy smile, we know you are ready to have your braces or aligners OFF, the minute we put them on. For some patients, our orthodontic specialists at Carvalho & Roth are using a contemporary medical device called AcceleDent Aura™ to move your teeth […]


Dangers of Do-it-yourself Braces

June 16,2016

Everyone wants to save a buck. So when YouTube videos of how teens and adults straightened their own teeth start going viral, you are tempted to jump on the bandwagon. Doctors Carvalho and Roth are orthodontic experts and want to warn all teens and adults in the Marlborough, Northborough or Newton Centre areas against taking the task […]