Best time to start Orthodontics in Summer.
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Why Summer Is the Best Time to Start Orthodontics

When you’re looking for a children’s orthodontist in or around Marlborough, Northborough, or Newton Centre, MA, we at Carvalho & Roth Orthodontics strive to do all we can to be your first choice. We’re incredibly proud of our highly-efficient orthodontic treatments, including braces and Invisalign, and how they’re certain to give a patient a straighter and healthier smile. If you happen to be interested in our treatments, we should mention that since it’s now summer, it’s currently a better time than ever to undergo orthodontics. Summer remains an excellent time for orthodontics because of the following reasons.

There’s More Opportunities to Schedule Appointments

The first main advantage as to why summer is such a great time to start orthodontics is because there are many more opportunities to schedule a visit with a children’s orthodontist. During the school year, a patient will often have to skip school in order to find the time to get to the children’s orthodontist. Thankfully, when school is out, a patient’s schedule will be more available, making it easier to find a time for getting the braces put on and dealing with any adjustment or maintenance appointments.

There Will Be Time to Adjust

Braces will almost always take some time getting used to in the beginning. Even something as simple as figuring out what foods you can eat will turn into a more thought-consuming process. This is one of the reasons why we recommend getting orthodontic treatment started in the summer. Many patients will be off from school and will have more free time, giving them more of an ability to get used to braces without life getting in the way.

Growth Spurts Commonly Occur in the Summer

This may be surprising to you, but a child will most likely have a growth spurt during the summer. This has a positive impact on orthodontics for the same reason as why adolescence is the optimal time for orthodontic treatment – when a patient is growing, orthodontic treatment becomes simpler and more efficient. By performing orthodontics on a patient who is going through his or her maximum growth rate, we can help ensure that the patient’s teeth will be moving into their desired positions in a quicker and more convenient manner.

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