Benefits Of Early Orthodontic Treatment In Marlborough
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Benefits Of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Timing is important when it comes to orthodontic treatment because early intervention can prevent more significant issues down the line. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that a child’s first visit to the orthodontist should be at age seven. At this point, your child has enough permanent teeth for the orthodontist to assess the developing teeth and jaws.

An initial consultation with a kids’ orthodontist may result in the following:

  • There is no treatment required.
  • An issue may require treatment in the future, so your child will be monitored while their face, jaws, and teeth continue to grow.
  • There is a more significant issue that requires early treatment.

Early Orthodontic Treatments

Your orthodontist may recommend early treatment for a particular problem because, if left untreated, it could become more serious. The most common issues that an orthodontist may recommend treatment for while your child still has some baby teeth may include:

  • An underbite where the lower front teeth extend out further that the upper front teeth.
  • An overbite where the upper front teeth extend out further that the lower front teeth.
  • A crossbite which causes the jaw to shift to one side.
  • Teeth that are overcrowded.
  • Teeth that have excessive spacing.
  • Extra or missing teeth..
  • Teeth that don’t meet at all.
  • Thumb or pacifier sucking that affects the growth of the teeth or jaw

Types of Early Orthodontic Treatment

The main benefit of early orthodontic treatment is to eliminate or correct problems at a young age while your child is still growing to avoid future problems. Waiting until your child’s permanent teeth come in or their facial development is complete, may make treatment more difficult.

A kids’ orthodontist may recommend a fixed or removable dental appliance that can move teeth, change the position of the jaw, or hold teeth in place. It may also be necessary to remove some baby teeth to help the permanent teeth erupt better.

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